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Is There Anything Duct Tape Can't Do? (March 21, 2019)

You and a small group of survivors are trapped in an abandoned building in the dead center of the zombie apocalypse. You start with nothing but but your wits and a load of bad luck. Your mission and goals might vary, but you know one thing for sure: You have to escape this chaos quickly, avoiding hazards, zombies, and--possibly--each other. The alternative is too awful to thing about.

You start with no gear. Nothing. Zip. So in Phase 1, you’ll have to scramble and compete with your fellow survivors for the discarded items lying around you. Combine items to make junk into weapons, armor, and other necessities. A flaming clothes iron? Of course. But choose wisely, because you can only hold so much.

In Phase 2, get out! You know which direction to run, but you also know that path will be filled with obstacles of every kind. Is that door blocked? Is the room packed with zombies? Or is it stocked with snacks and guns? Because you lay room tiles to build the game board dynamically, you’ll never know what’s behind the next door.

What you do know is simple. Ravenous zombies are right behind you, following every sound, and multiplying with every turn.

Finally, escaping with your own life is only the basic mission. JUST RUN comes with six different and challenging scenarios. Some are collaborative and reward good behavior. Others...not so much. Play them separately or combine them into near-impossible death matches.

So, help your fellow man, feed him to the horde, blow up the room, or save the world. The choice is yours. But always remember: Keep running.

JUST RUN is labyrinth-style game with a modular board and deck building for 2-6 players, ages 12 to adult. It is playable in <2 hours.

Sample components which are not--of course--final.

A JUST RUN game box currently contains almost 400 pieces! That includes 99 cards, 54 room tiles, 60 pawns, 52 dice, and almost 300 tokens, markers and other playing pieces.

Depending on manufacturing costs, we hope to use 3D miniatures and customized dice in the final product. In this late play testing phase, however, the game still uses cardboard standees and standard d6’s. (And of course, all of this is subject to change as we continue to play test and work with manufacturers on specifics.)

One of the unbeating hearts of JUST RUN are its almost 100 beautifully designed cards. You'll find these in three decks—Survival, Supplies, and Search. And you'll use each of these at different points in the game and in different ways.

For example, the Steel Toe Boot card is part of the Survival Deck, which you use in the first phase of the game. That's when you will race against the clock to build your survival kit and possibly duke it out (dice-wise) with your fellow survivors if more than one of you want to take that single boot on your escape.

As for the other decks, they come into play during the next phase, when you really start running. That's where you can spend one of your turn's two actions to look for equipment in the Supplies Deck. Or you can draw a random from the Search Deck. But here's a hint: The Search Deck has superior equipment, such as Dynamite and a Chainsaw, but it's also full of junk--and quite a few disastrous Event cards, as well.

And we have plans to add new cards and new card packs over time. So if you don't see that flamethrower you've always wanted, stay tuned.


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