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How to Play

You are a survivor in the zombie apocalypse who is trapped in an abandoned, treacherous, and unfamiliar building. Somewhere in front of you is safety. Right behind you is a growing army of the undead. You must quickly gather whatever gear you can find, and then get out before all the seats on the rescue chopper are taken.


The Scavenge Phase


Players use Scavenge Cards to build zombie survival gear from the rubble around them. There are three ways to do this, from a simple draw-and-play, to a panic-inducing timed mechanic.


Once your inventory is filled, you'll see that any item card can be used in more than one way. More importantly, you can combine some cards to create new, better, or stronger equipment. Want a flaming chainsaw? You got it.


The Escape Phase


Each player takes two actions to do such things as--

  • Investigating and revealing new Room Tiles to build your path to escape.

  • Searching for even better (or replacement) gear.

  • Using your gear in novel ways to get out of sticky situations.

  • Fighting zombies--and sometimes other survivors.


It's nice to have so many options, because your passage will be choked with locked doors, dead ends, and disasters. Your equipment can break. And your friends might decide at any point to stab you in the back.


After the players' turn, the zombies will take their single action to attack, move, or bash down doors. Finally, to add insult to injury, they will increase their number. 

If you make it to the last row of rooms, you must find the exit, defeat the final swarm of the undead, and get to the chopper before all the seats are taken.

Losers become lunch.

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Rulebook (Draft)

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