JUST RUN is medium-weight, card-driven, tile-placement board game. There are five scenarios that can be played cooperatively or competitively, alone or in combination. For 2-6 players, ages 14+, playable in 90-120 minutes.

Game Layout Web.png


You are survivors of the zombie apocalypse, trapped in an abandoned, treacherous, and unfamiliar building. Somewhere in front of you is the only exit to the rescue chopper. And right behind you is a growing horde of the undead. Quickly gather whatever gear you can find, hope your friends are loyal--and run.


In the shorter Scavenge Phase, you compete with other players for item cards, such as Duct Tape or Barbed Wire. You can use each item in a number of different ways, including combining it with another card to create new and improved gear.

You spend the rest of the game in the Escape Phase. Here, each player has two actions to do things such as--

  • Investigating doors to reveal new room tiles, building the game board as you go. 

  • Searching for even better gear or--if you are unlucky--a disastrous event.

  • Using your gear in novel ways to get out of sticky situations.

  • Fighting zombies--and sometimes your fellow survivors.

After each surivor takes their two action, the zombies spend their turn biting, moving, and then respawning.  

Your goal is to complete the mission with at least 1 remaining life point to win. The zombies' goal is fresh food.