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Stay one step ahead of the living dead—and your so-called friends—as you race through an abandoned highrise, searching for the exit. There are dangers behind every door and only a handful of seats on the rescue chopper.


What will you do to get out?

JUST RUN is a boardgame of horror survival for 2-6 players, ages 14+, playable in 90-120 minutes.

Play the 5 basic missions cooperatively or competitively. And play missions separately or in challenging combinations. Every game's board will be different. Every action is a game changer. This makes JUST RUN  endlessly replayable.


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In JUST RUN, players have access

to over 100 cards . . .

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5 Missions. Massive Replayability

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100+ Cards

Combine item cards to make better equipment. But watch out for event cards. Nobody wants a flash fire.

200+ Markers

Health tokens. Door markers. Dead zombie trophies. Bowling ball chit. Any many more

50+ Room Tiles

Reveal room tiles one by one to build the game board as you play. What dangers lurk behind the next door? 

40+ Dice

Everyone has their own attack dice, and there are custom dice for special events.

100+ Zombies

New zombies enter the game every turn, but you won't have to worry about running out. 

20+ Mission Pieces

Enough cards, token, pawns, and markers to outfit all 5 basic missions.