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This zombie apocalypse
is no picnic...


A Game of Horror, Betrayal, and Escape

What will you do to survive?


You're lost in a ruined building in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. All you have to do is stay alive long enough to find the one and only exit before the undead find you. 

But your passage will be choked with locked doors, dead ends, and sudden catastrophes. Your only equipment is what you found in the rubble. And your friends? Well, there aren’t enough seats on the rescue chopper for everyone. Loyalties will change with the roll of a die. 

So ask yourself: How far would you go to get to the end?

JUST RUN is a medium-weight board game of horror survival, with elements of tile placement, deck building, and dungeon crawling. There are 6 distinct missions and 9 game play variations for endless replayability at every skill level.


Designed, written, and illustrated by W.H. Shaver.


1 - 6 players  |  Ages 14+  |  90 - 180 mins

Over 100 Cards

Printed on beautiful, tarot-sized stock, every item card has multiple uses. Even better, you can combine them to create stronger—and stranger—gear. But watch out for disaster cards. Nothing will ruin your day like a flash fire.  

Hundreds of Tokens and Pawns

Life points, unstable dynamite, creeping contagion, strange noises--there's a token for every occasion. And so many zombies. They're coming to get everyone, Barbara. 


Scores of Room Tiles

Place room tiles as you go, creating a new game board every time. There are special rooms you'll use in some of the missions.  And that awful bloody hand symbol? That means new zombies will spawn there on every turn.

Dozens of Dice

Bash through doors, fight zombies, or find out if your weapon breaks. Includes three custom dice for investigating doors, checking for wear and tear, and discovering if the zombie plague is spreading.

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